Guilt free diesel 

Biodiesel is a diesel alternative, made from renewable resources such as plant oils or used cooking oil.

Biodiesel contains no petroleum but can be blended with petroleum diesel.

 Who can use biodiesel? 

Biodiesel can be used in any diesel engine from tractors, forklifts, boats, generators even your vehicle. 

Biodiesel has several environmental benefits when compared to petroleum-based diesel fuel:

  • Reduces lifecycle greenhouse gases by 86 %

  • Lowers particulate matter by 47 %, reduces smog and makes our air healthier to breathe

  • Reduces hydrocarbon emissions by 67 %

  • For every unit of fossil energy, it takes to produce biodiesel, 3.5 units of renewable energy are returned, the best of any U.S. fuel

Production and quality 

EcoDiesel is produced at a plant in Stikland, Cape Town with a capacity of 300 000 litres per annum. Our diesel is made to strict SABS industry specification.

What vehicles use biodiesel?

Today, more than 78 % of diesel vehicles coming off production lines are warrantied for up to 5% EcoDiesel use.

Click here to see a list of diesel vehicles where manufacturers have approved the use of BioDiesel.


Biodiesel has a higher Cetane number than regular diesel resulting in a more efficient burn in the combustion chamber. Engines using biodiesel run 10% cooler and significantly quieter with much less exhaust smoke emissions.

The best part? We deliver to your door. 


It's what's on the inside that counts

SANS 1935 is the South African Standard for biodiesel. It is a set of tests that biodiesel must achieve to be deemed fit for use. These tests examine the physical and chemical properties of the fuel sample. The tests use international test procedures to ensure the following:

  • A complete reaction has taken place

  • The glycerine (free and bonded) has been removed to acceptable levels

  • The catalyst used in reaction has been removed

  • The methanol used in reaction has been removed

  • There is an absence of free fatty acids (FFA’s)

  • Any residual water has been removed